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20 years of T-SQUARED

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March 3rd, 2023. T-SQUARED’s clients do amazing things. And for 20 years now, we’ve been making the highly specialised spaces they need.

From vaccine testing facilities protecting the UK from pandemics to the national synchrotron, where the very nature of matter is under scrutiny - our clients do extremely complex things in extremely high-tech facilities.

Since the 3rd of March 2003 T-SQUARED has been designing, building, validating and maintaining those spaces. Laboratories, cleanrooms, research facilities, manufacturing and more for sectors that range from life sciences to space to quantum technology.

As we mark our 20-year anniversary we want to thank all of our incredible clients - past, present and future. And all of our outstanding colleagues - our success is down to our people, as specialised as the projects we embark on.

Over those two decades of business T-SQUARED has grown to six offices covering the UK from Scotland to Somerset. We manage projects holistically, from RIBA Stage 0 all the way through to validation, handover and onto continuing maintenance. Our clients value that uniquely integrated end-to-end offer - a 90% rate of repeat business is testament to our legendary reliability and integrity.

We have some world-leading projects in the pipeline, and we’re looking ahead to the next 20 years - making spaces for genius in scientific fields that don’t even exist yet. Our clients will be building the future and we are proud to help them do so.