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100+ projects with UKHSA at their famous Porton Down site in recent years.
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"We pick T-SQUARED because we trust them. We know the end product works. And the UK taxpayer gets good value from them. We’ve done the maths."

Paul Day, Chief Engineer, UK Health Security Agency

More than 600 UKHSA staff at Porton Down work securely with the highest-hazard microbial pathogens to test spread scenarios and evaluate vaccines and therapeutics. They respond to outbreaks of infectious diseases around the world, and were one of the very first to genome sequence Covid-19.

Across the Porton Down UKHSA site we have created:

  • containment level 2 laboratories
  • containment level 3 laboratories
  • cleanrooms
  • manufacturing facilities
  • vial filling facilities
  • vaccine testing facilities
  • HVAC plants
  • refurbishments
  • new builds
  • open plan office areas
  • open plan support areas

T-SQUARED works with UKHSA to deliver a wide variety of highly confidential, strategically important projects at Porton Down, ranging from several hundred thousand pounds to many millions in value. From stripping laboratories back to brickwork and refurbishing to the latest world-class containment standards, to an entirely new build £16m vaccine testing facility. Nowhere else in the UK is there such a concentration of highly specialised, high-tech biotechnology facitlities.

Porton Down is one of the most secure sites in the UK, and continually operational. Every project delivered there by T-SQUARED is a ‘live site’. Our expertise and experience allows us to retain the integrity of sealed environments even during construction next-door.

T-SQUARED’s integrated ‘end-to-end’ process ensures that we are able to deliver these confidential, nationally-critical projects on spec, on budget and often ahead of time. We collaborate with UKHSA on scoping and design, using some of their own key containment features. We provide detail-orientated, specialised construction services that don’t disrupt the rest of the site. Our expert validation teams are involved right from the scoping stage, ensuring that we cover every detail. And we maintain and service the facilities after completion – because nobody knows them better.


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