Controlled Environments

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T-SQUARED are trusted by some of the world’s smartest brands to design and deliver business-critical controlled environments. We make world-class spaces for research, manufacturing or specialised storage.

Experts in environmental control

A controlled environment is defined as an enclosed area with specific regulated parameters including temperature, humidity, pressure, light, airflow and segregation. These parameters are widely used in applications requiring environmental control such as storage, manufacturing or research facilities. 

Our cross-sector experience of developing environmentally controlled environments to meet our client's specific business and regulatory challenges has seen us deliver solutions for businesses such as:

Berry Bros & Rudd - Design and construction of a temperature and humidity-controlled wine storage facility which had to replicate the specific environmental attributes of an underground wine cellar

Alere Technologies - Design and construction of a £1m production cleanroom facility within their existing warehouse which is humidity and lighting controlled to complement the use of specific chemicals used within their production process - Read more about this project here

LumiraDX - Design and build of a 2000m2 ISO7 cleanroom for manufacturing diagnostic equipment

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  • Alere20010
  • LUM20007
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