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Leading the UK's COVID-19 response

Cutting edge vaccine testing facilities to fight the global pandemic
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    • UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA)

Vaccine Testing Facility 1

Dedicated research laboratories spearheading the UK's life-saving pandemic response. These highly specialised bio-secure workspaces develop and test new vaccines against emerging Covid variants.

By providing every necessary specialism in-house and using modular construction techniques, we fast-tracked design, construction, fit-out and certification of these world-leading facilities in just 24 weeks - nine weeks ahead of schedule.


"This state-of-the-art facility is one of two that together make up a new £65 million Vaccine Evaluation Centre that will be critical in bolstering the UK’s future pandemic response, helping to keep us safe for years to come."

Sajid Javid, UK Health Secretary


"Our modular construction techniques were vital to delivering VTF1 ahead of schedule. We could spin up completed areas immediately, while still fitting out the next ones."

Craig Paterson, T_SQUARED Construction Director