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T-SQUARED provides an end-to-end specialised service through expert teams for design and build and facilities services. Our unique integrated approach builds a close client/contractor relationship that outperforms traditional tendering.

Specialist Projects

T-SQUARED makes uniquely specialised spaces. Cleanrooms, laboratories, research facilities, and more. We design, build and validate state-of-the-art buildings where high-tech organisations make incredible things happen.

Our integrated teams of in-house experts, from design and build to validation and servicing, are trusted by global clients to deliver critical developments for sectors including life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, research and aerospace.


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Advanced Facilities Services

Our dedicated service and maintenance teams spanning the UK have the same level of specialist expertise in high-tech environments as our design and build teams.

Our clients run critical operations and trust in our absolute attention to detail. From land management and HVAC servicing through to the extremely specialised maintenance of controlled environments and regulatory compliance for life sciences, we offer 360º servicing to


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