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Our validation and regulatory affairs expertise provide continuity throughout a project lifecycle from initial project definition through the qualification process through to on-going verification support. As part of our end-to-end service, we can undertake validation services for both new and existing clients.

Documentation Testing

Design, Construct, Validate and Maintain. Our validation support extends through the full validation lifecycle of a project.

Our hands-on, user-friendly approach integrates the extensive operational knowledge of the end-user with the regulatory compliance of the new facility and clean utilities. This support extends through defining the Validation Masterplan and responsibility matrix, URS, support at meetings with international regulatory authorities, executing protocols through the validation qualification stages of design, installation, operation and performance.

  • BEST12
  • Oxfordapproved20001
  • Oxfordpending200041
  • Oxfordpending20004

Commissioning and Verification

The commissioning and verification of critical plant, systems and processes is important in the success of any mission-critical facility.

In parallel with tests relating to directly procured processing equipment, our engineers commission and verify that all systems are operational in accordance with the tests defined in the commissioning protocols prior to handover to independent auditors. Thereafter, T-SQUARED engineers are available to assist clients to meet there on-going planned preventative maintenance responsibilities.