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Widening access to state-of-the-art health tests

CL3 research labs developing the next generation of affordable molecular diagnostics.
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"With biocontainment, and CL3 facilities, the critical element is sealability. Every transit port, every duct, cable, or pipe, must be completely sealed. Every fixing, every single screw. It’s about total attention to detail, and our entire team buys in to that process – from design to build and final validation."

Steve Heyes, Director, T-SQUARED

Erba Mannheim group is improving rapid diagnosis of medical issues worldwide with radically simple, easy to use molecular testing. Their affordable in vitro test products can be used anywhere, even in challenging conditions.

To develop their rapid, reliable diagnostic technology, Erba needs state-of-the-art R&D facilities, including CL3 compliant biocontainment laboratories. Working with hazardous pathogens like malaria and Covid-19 requires safe, secure, sealed environments.

T-SQUARED took a small-footprint extension to Erba Molecular’s existing UK site and developed it into a fully-validated CL3 biocontainment laboratory for cutting-edge diagnostic R&D. T-SQUARED’s expert teams took the project all the way from initial scoping to completion and operation.

The unique continuity provided by T-SQUARED’s integrated ‘whole project’ approach allowed even the earliest design decisions to be made with full appreciation of the implications for construction cost, ongoing maintenance and regulatory approval further down the line.

Crucially, this critical fast-track project had to be delivered, from start to finish, on a live site. T-SQUARED completed the fully-validated CL3 laboratory space, airlocks, ancillary areas and plant with no impact on day-to-day activity.

Supporting the client every step of the way was crucial. We worked closely with Erba Molecular to define exactly what they needed and then to make it happen. We got the working ergonomics right. Made sure Erba’s own equipment fitted and functioned seamlessly. Ensured the laboratory was easy to clean and maintain.

"T-SQUARED give excellent attention to detail. Their understanding of the project, level of design and project management is very reassuring."

Michael Daleworth, Senior Program Manager, Erba Molecular

T-SQUARED’s in-house expertise in the building fabric, mechanical and electrical, HVAC, monitoring systems, security, and more ensured that we could provide a true ‘one stop’ single-supplier service. Our integrated process delivers more CL3 biocontainment facilities, faster, and to higher operating standards, than anyone else in the UK – even in live operational environments like this one.

T-SQUARED’s exceptional attention to detail, right from initial scoping, delivered world-class CL3 compliant laboratories quickly, in a small footprint, with no disruption to day-to-day work. These highly specialised R&D facilities will make space for Erba Molecular to develop even more innovative, low-cost, life-saving testing devices, protecting people’s health even in the most challenging environments.