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Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Development of The MinION buildingĀ brings highly automated production processes to the manufacturing of consumable flow cells for Oxford Nanoporeā€™s novel, real-time DNA/RNA sequencing devices. The facility, located on the Harwell Campus in Oxford, will support a significantly increased production capability.
3,200m2 Production facility
High grade ISO classified cleanrooms

A bespoke, state-of-the-art, high-tech manufacturing facility

Oxford Nanopore Technologies had an urgent requirement for a 3,200m2 production facility incorporating high-grade ISO classified cleanrooms, product laboratories, packaging suite, offices and warehousing.

Programme was of utmost importance to ensure manufacturing scale-up was aligned closely with the growing global demand for our scalable nanopore-based products. To facilitate this fast track build, T-SQUARED was able to provide a turnkey design, construction and validation service, taking an empty shell to a validated cleanroom production environment in just seven months.

At ground level, a central viewing corridor with full height glazing runs between the four main cleanroom suite areas, with the mezzanine providing general office and canteen break-out area, together with technical plant space for dedicated HVAC services.

The factory manufactures consumable flow cells for the MinION, GridION, PromethION and Flongle devices, a range of devices for the sequencing of DNA and RNA. The factory is also designed to scale up manufacturing of current and future preparation kits that accompany the consumable flow cells, as well as new lines still in development.

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Phase 1 scope of the project

The first phase released a fully operational Research & Development (R&D) laboratory, offices and welfare facilities just three months after the release of the building shell to T-SQUARED. This enabled Oxford Nanopore Technologies to begin manufacture and prepare for the release of the remaining production areas.

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Phase 2 scope of the project

The second phase released a high-grade ISO classified cleanroom, packaging and quality control, warehousing and all supporting plant areas to enable full-scale production after a fast-tracked seven-month fitout.

The final phase was completed one month ahead of the programme and included a high-grade ISO classified cleanroom.

Production spaces included the provision of high purity lab gasses, local extract ventilation systems, data, small and mechanical power with flexibility and capacity inbuilt to future proof the facility.

Key features of the project included:

  • High-grade ISO classified cleanrooms
  • Research & Development (R&D) laboratory
  • Ground and mezzanine level laboratories, office and break-out area
  • Warehouse and logistics area

The facility has surpassed our expectations and has met or bettered all performance requirements.

Jerry Bryar

Senior Director, Continuous Improvement, Oxford Nanopore Technologies