Spirit Aerosystems

Spirit AeroSystems is a global leader in aerostructures manufacturing - applying emerging technologies to the design, assembly and integration of components and structures for the world’s premier aerospace programs.

Facilities Services

T-SQUARED are fully committed to assisting Spirit Aerospace's maintenance partners in the provision of highly qualified building service engineers working on air conditioning and heating systems backed by our Technical Services Design Centre.

This is crucial in areas where production is dependent on the controlled environment. This partnership has been extremely successful in providing the correct standard of technical solutions - Trust and Teamwork.

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Scope of the work

T-SQUARED was appointed to the service and maintenance contract in 2003, and since then have gradually taken on additional responsibilities and projects for Spirit AeroSystems.

Our scope of work for Spirit Aerosystems includes:

  • HVAC Service & Maintenance responsibility for major projects
  • Ventilation works
  • Upgrade of Cleanroom HVAC systems
  • Installation of comfort cooling and ventilation systems
  • Plant replacement works