Synergy Health Sterilisation

Synergy Health Sterilisation UK Ltd provides a sterilisation service to manufacturers of sterile medical equipment and related industries. The process includes taking receipt of the used instruments, logging, washing, packing, sterilising and returning each device. This process is very strictly regulated and validated in terms of processing equipment, process flows and environmental control.

State-of-the-art sterilisation

In order to maintain their status as a leading player in this sector, Synergy Health Sterilisation UK Ltd wanted to reconfigure their existing facility at Hamilton International Technology Park with new state-of-the-art washing and sterilisation equipment.

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Scope of the project

T-SQUARED was appointed to provide a full turnkey service, taking the clients brief from concept through to an operational facility. The project comprised the following:

  • Integration of processing equipment, including large washers and sterilisers, with close interaction with the equipment manufacturers
  • Expansion of cleanroom space
  • Environmental control
  • Steam design and distribution

The transformation of the site was carried out with minimal shut-down to allow Synergy to continue to provide a continuous sterilisation service to their clients around the clock.