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Project Profile

Building vital facilities quickly

Rapid expansion of manufacturing capability for Thermo Fisher Scientific.
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Thermo Fisher Scientific

New build large-volume cell culture liquid media facility

This ground-up design and construction project for one of the world’s largest suppliers of scientific support was turned around by T-SQUARED incredibly quickly and efficiently during the global pandemic and national lockdown. 

By focussing on both construction and process equipment validation right from the initial design phase, we gave Thermo Fisher Scientific the opportunity to safely and compliantly introduce process equipment earlier, during the construction period. This radically improved timescales for operational validation.

"More and more customers are outsourcing their liquid manufacturing to ensure the highest quality while delivering efficiency. This investment expands capabilities and expertise at our cell culture manufacturing centre of excellence."

Cory Stevenson, President Bioproduction Division, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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"It was high pressure working on such an important facility during the Covid 19 lockdown, but this was a unique situation. We not only kept things on track, but accelerated elements of the project to allow Thermo Fisher early access."

Dom Callan, Director, T-SQUARED