Integrated Facilities Services - Life Sciences

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Clients in specialist markets such as Life Sciences have a legal and regulatory requirement to maintain facilities in accordance with clearly defined protocols.

Advanced Facilities Services

Compliance is often more important than commercial considerations and a high level of expertise is required to fulfill these specialist needs. Within such facilities, operating costs can easily spiral out of control for clients when facility services fail to meet regulatory compliance.

The level of expertise required to adequately maintain cleanrooms, laboratories, controlled environments and containment suites often means clients will engage external specialists to carry out such tasks.


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A seamless extension of our design and build offering

The T-SQUARED Facilities Services team is fully integrated with our Specialist Projects design and build capability to provide clients with continuity on large projects once the project has been handed over. Our service offering ranges from fully integrated advanced facilities management to bespoke technical support service.

Our range of services also extends to planned testing, certification and revalidation work in accordance with regulatory authorities such as MHRA and the FDA.

Our full range of Advanced Facilities Services include:

  • Critical plant performance checks
  • Guaranteed lifecycle regulatory compliance
  • Validation support services
  • Energy and environmental management solutions
  • Technical support service with access to in-house chartered engineers
  • Facilities management of mission-critical facilities
  • Traditional building services support